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Photographer and video artist Ori Gersht - "The series calls into question our familiarity with our own natural habitat, pointing out the gulf between the sky that we believe we know, and that of the photographs: a gap between the mechanical, attentive and unassumptive vision of the camera, and the presumptive and subjective vision of the human eye."

original video “Pomegranate" & "Big Bang

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"Beat Street" (1984)

The story of a bunch of breakdancers, graffiti artists, and DJs in the Bronx who have parties in an abandoned building, spray graffiti murals on trains which this fucking piece of shit named Spit sprays his stupid name over, have numerous breakdance battles with a rival crew, meet girls, get in trouble with asshole police officers, and one of the DJs moves his way up in the club circuit, and one of the graffiti artists catches that guy Spit and they fight and fall on one of the electrified rails in the subway and both die, and the whole movie is basically like about 37 music/dance videos with a pretty decent dramatic story taking place in between.

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